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We want to make it easy for you. We have three ways to download and try OPTIMIS Toolkit Software. Pick the best option for you.

Pick the best option for you.

OPTIMIS source code check out the code behind the curtains.

OPTIMIS Toolkit Team is fully committed to Open Source Software and most of its code is released under OSS license. However, every component in the toolkit has a separate license. So please make sure to check out the legal terms of the code first here, which lists the different licenses for each component.

Now follow these instructions in order to download OPTIMIS source code from our public repositories:

Pick your favorite option and please use the following instructions to download OPTIMIS Toolkit source code.

OPTIMIS Subversion Public Repository

This project allows anonymous check-outs of its source code. Use the commands below and when prompted, use 'anonymous' as the username and a blank password to check out the code with the following command:

	$ svn checkout

OPTIMIS on Github

Fork or Clone our code to take a look inside the toolkit. Access here our OPTIMIS Github Public Repository: repository on and follow the instructions to download our code.

	$ git clone git://

If you want to learn more about Git, read Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and published by Apress under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 license for the online version.

OPTIMIS Virtual Environment access to a set of pre-installed virtual machines with everything you need.

OPTIMIS Toolkit Team has also created a set of preinstalled Virtual Machines that can be downloaded to use our software. The OPTIMIS Virtual Environment is composed by a few VMs that require a broad band speed connection and some time to download them all. Once you download all the VMs, you will have OPTIMIS system already installed and configured to help you start testing our software from minute zero.

Warning In order to access the VMs you need to access them via SSH connection with the following credentials. Also use the next credentials for accessing the Tomcat manager:

OPTIMIS Toolkit Virtual Machines:
	User:		'root'
	Password:	'optimis'

Tomcat Manager: 
	User:		'admin'
	Password:	'optimis2012'

Get Started

Getting Started Guide

OPTIMIS Toolkit Test Environment

Read more about the toolkit

Read the documentation

These are the VMs you need to download:

OPTIMIS Installation Packages to simplify self-installation process.

OPTIMIS Toolkit Team also wants to make available for download a set of self-installation packages to enable a clean installation by your own. This set of packages simplify the installation of the software.

OPTIMIS Toolkit Components are grouped into the following packages

Download the packages and follow the following instructions to learn more about how to install OPTIMIS Toolkit using the self-installation packages by reading the documentation and guides here.