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Cloud, but better

Today, most organizations use private and public clouds, on-premise and hosted resources in combination. OPTIMIS Toolkit provides tools for construction, deployment and operation of services with the following main capabilities.

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Cloud Developers wanted

The Toolkit makes it easier for developers to orchestrate value-added composite cloud services and run legacy applications in the cloud. Developers do not need any cloud expertise. Service elements can be individually deployed on different venues. VMs are created automatically.

Best Execution Venue for your services

The Toolkit helps service providers make informed decisions regarding the most suitable deployment venues across any type of cloud environments -private, hybrid, cloud-bursting, federated or multi-clouds- based on trust, risk, eco-efficiency and cost (TREC). It supports end-to-end security and compliance with data protection and green legislation.

Infrastructure Optimization made easy

The Toolkit simplifies and automates the management of cloud infrastructures even in complex scenarios, such as cloud federation, based on business-level objectives such as trust, risk, eco-efficiency and cost.

Cloud answer for Organizations

The Toolkit allows organizations to become service providers themselves and expereience a new way to deliver IT, as a service to their own organizations using a combination of on-premise and hosted resources.

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